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How to Create a Morning Routine Leads to Your Success

How to Create a Morning Routine Leads to Your Success


         How to Create Your Morning Routine


     Evidence from successful entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of Life have shown that a good morning routine brings about a successful day and lifetime. The law of attraction states that whatever you do for 30 days will become part of your Life. Hence, you have to form a new habit of good morning routine and that will bring about a successful lifestyle.

morning routine


   Let's look at how to create a good morning routine. Before we proceed, I’d like you to know to believe in yourself to live a successful life and the morning routine has four aspects. 

The four aspects of the morning routine are:

  •  Mental 
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Emotional

Some Authors classify the aspects of morning routine as the Mind, Spirit, Body, and Heart.

   Below, we will look at each area of the morning routine and why they are important for living a successful life.


The Mental Aspect Of Creating Your Morning Routine

  This aspect deals with an individual's mind, which includes values, beliefs, goals, thoughts, dreams, plans, and desires. A positive mind is extremely important to complete tasks in the workplace. Hence, a positive mental space is one of the backbones of having a successful day at work. Continuing mental well being will certainly lead to a successful career.

 Ways to create a positive mental space

  Below are some of the ways to create a positive mental space for your morning routine and daily work.

Set attainable goals

 One of the ways to create a positive mental condition for the morning routine and the day ahead is by setting attainable goals. These goals can be anything you wish to achieve during the early hours of the day before leaving home for the office.

Make a to-do list

 Sometimes, we forget what we intend to do before leaving home for work or during working hours. Hence, it is important to put our early morning activities in a list. The list can be on our mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other gadgets. We can set an alarm for the list in order to remember as soon as we are awake.

・Create a schedule for the day

 The next thing is to create a schedule or plan for the day. After completing your morning activities, use the time left before going to work to plan your day. That will help you move faster and accomplish your daily talks faster than imagined.


The Spiritual Aspect Of Creating Your Morning Routine    

   Spirituality deals with connecting to a superior being greater than yourself. It makes you feel alive and happy with your innermost self. The spiritual aspect of your morning routine includes and not limited to religious study, prayer, meditation, and nature. 

・Religious study

 This is an act of reading and taking note from the holy book of your religion. Christian study the bible while muslims study the Quran. As a religious person, studying the holy book early in the morning will push you closer to God and make you conscious of how you live your life. In other words, you will be happy throughout the day by feeling connected to God.


 This is another form of spirituality that is part of people's morning routine. Meditation helps humans feel connected to nature while in absolute silence. It helps to increase your productivity throughout the day

 morning coffee

The Physical Aspect Of Creating Your Morning Routine

    The Physical deals with our body or the environment we find ourselves. It includes how we maintain our health through exercises, diets, and cleaning. The physical aspect of your morning routine is one of the most important activities. You can start the physical morning routine by cleaning your dishes and kitchen, cleaning your bed, and sweeping or cleaning the floor.

   The other parts of the physical deal with early morning exercises like: 

  • push ups
  •  jogging
  • sit ups 
  • bench press 
  • planking 

     and many more.. 

   People who take care of their physical environment and partake in early morning exercises are likely to perform exceptionally during the day's activities. Hence, you should try as much as possible to include environment cleaning and physical exercises as part of your morning routine.


The Emotional Aspect Of Creating Your Morning Routine

  The emotional aspect deals with how you feel, your relationships, and how happy and unhappy you are. As a human being, we tend to be down and unmotivated when we are emotionally imbalanced. Hence, we need to be emotionally sound to have a good morning routine and a successful day.

     Below are some of the things you can do to be sound emotionally and have a happy and successful day.

  • Hug your spouse, kids, or pet
  • Express gratitude for what you have and have achieved
  • Connect with family and friends through phone or messaging Apps
  • Identify what makes you feel good and do it

 Today, I talked about what morning routines I recommend to you. Not all of them have to be done from the beginning but try starting to do some of the list above at a time and see how much tasks could be done for the day and see how you feel throughout the day. 

What’s your morning routines that’s making you feel great and leading you becoming successful?



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